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The Hausfrau says, “Welcome to our apartment!” (Feel like trying out your Deutsch?  Then check out the German version!) Our apartment is in Ulm, near Karlsplatz park.  As it was clean for our Thanksgiving dinner, I figured I ought to take some photos (finally).  The apartment has a small balcony leading up to it and … Continue reading


Die Hausfrau sagt “Willkommen zu unsere Wohnung!” Unsere Wohnhung liegt in Ulm am Karlsplatz (ein Park).  Sie war sauber für unser Thanksgiving so müssen wir fotografiert.  Sie hat eine kleine Terrasse und hoffentlich werden wir ein Weihnachtbaum bald haben. Hier ist das Wohnzimmer.  Es hat zwei Sofas bei Inhofer (ein sehr großes Geschäft) und einen … Continue reading

Getting settled. (Still.)

Installed cabinets above the sink tonight. Pondering whether they’ll rip out of the wall while we’re sleeping or when we’re out of the house. Still haven’t determined an appropriate waiting period before actually putting plates and such inside. And no, we’re not that terrible at building things. But they’re Ikea cabinets hung on drywall (yes, … Continue reading

Settling in.

The house insanity continues. It’s certainly looking more like a real apartment, yet still…showroom-like. If anyone wants to come sort out the curtain situation, let me know. We couldn’t even accomplish curtains back at our old place in Seattle. I’ll provide the bed and the cash, you make all the decisions. Nonetheless, we have a … Continue reading


Well, we’re certainly keeping them in business. The trick will be to keep the place from looking like the catalog. Due to a minor scheduling snafu (this haus-frau is not so great with calendars, it appears), we ended up moving to our new place before our furniture was scheduled to arrive. Whoops. The plus side … Continue reading