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Egypt: Part V (this is getting unmanageably long)

Luxor. I likely already mentioned this, but in Luxor, everyone is trying to help spend your money. Transportation or trinkets are the main avenues and while it’s perfectly understandable, it’s also a bit frustrating. It’s also impossible to tell if the taxi driver or guide you’ve booked is any good until you’re out in the … Continue reading

Egypt: Part IV

Luxor. Upon landing, we both immediately felt the stress of Cairo melt away. The air was clear and quiet. The airport was tiny and it only took us 15 minutes to arrive in downtown. Sure, upon arrival we were hassled every 30 seconds to jump in a horse carriage, take a taxi or ride in … Continue reading

Egypt: Part III

Sakkara and Dashur.  Our second full day in Cairo took us to the origins of the pyramids. In terms of historical significance, Giza is the third iteration, with Sakkara being the first attempt and Dashur, the second. Sakkara (or Saqqarah or Saqqara) contains the world’s first pyramid, a step pyramid, built around 4500 years ago … Continue reading

Egypt: Part III

Giza. This Egypt series may get unmanageably long, but as I am temporarily back to the Hausfrau lifestyle, I have time. Giza sits on the edge of Cairo and is home to the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and an awful lot of people. Rather than sitting alone in the middle of the desert, the pyramid … Continue reading

Egypt: Part II

Cairo. Depending on which taxi driver you talk to, it’s a city with between 4 and 14 million inhabitants. According to wiki, it’s actually 6.76 million but either way, it feels big. And congested. Based on the reviews of two lovely ladies (and fellow ex-pats), I wasn’t so excited for the city itself, but for … Continue reading