The Hausfrau says, “Welcome to our apartment!”

(Feel like trying out your Deutsch?  Then check out the German version!)

Our apartment is in Ulm, near Karlsplatz park.  As it was clean for our Thanksgiving dinner, I figured I ought to take some photos (finally).  The apartment has a small balcony leading up to it and hopefully we’ll get a Christmas tree on it at some point.

So here we go…living room.  Two sofas (out of a three piece set) from a crazy-big furniture store nearby.  They might last a year if we’re lucky as the craftsmanship certainly doesn’t seem up to German standards.  We also decided on a purple rug.
We weren’t going for a retro theme, but that seems to be the style these days.  Also, please pay close attention to all the curtains.  Buying, ironing, hemming and hanging all were extreme pains in the ass.  Also, our first time hanging things in concrete, as that’s what the walls are!

Behind the living room is the kitchen (it’s one long room).  All built by my hands (Chad helped set it all up though) including the Ikea plumbing.  Those words should never be allowed in the same sentence.  But at least it’s in now.  Also note the stove and fridge (and not-pictured washing machine).  We purchased them all in under an hour without doing any research.  When you have an actual German helping you the first month you’re here, you take advantage of it and hope it all works (and it all did, although the washing machine caused some major headaches).  And while the oven may be the EasyBakes slightly larger sibling, it works.

Dining area is between/next to the kitchen & living room.  For the two of us, the table folds down nicely.  We’ve also fit 9 people around it so it seems to be a good choice.  Plus all the drawers in the middle of it are perfect for sweeping junk into pre-guests!

And the bedroom.  Second matress.  The first was awful (Ikea Sultan Flokenes memory foam.  Uncomfortably soft and super hot.  And we’re used to memory foam!) so it got shoved in the back of the rental car and this one came home on the roof.  Chad’s not such a fan of the light fixture, but when the Hausfrau is in charge of putting the house together, that’s what happens.

And the guest bedroom.  Same matress and bedframe (and curtains)!  There were only so many options.  And yes, the walls are extremely bare in every room.  I’m hoping to remedy that in the next two weeks.  We’ll see how it goes.

And obviously we have a bathroom as well, with all the normal fixturing.  But there’s really no way to make a bathroom photo look good.

As for other random details…the apartment came sans light fixtures (only bare bulbs).  This is normal in Germany but not so fun to deal with.  Plus you have to drill your own holes into the ceiling and just hope they ran the wires where you think they did.  Also, our floor is (I believe) some sort of poured concrete.  I think it’s great, plus it’s our heat source.  Since it takes so long to heat up, we essentially leave the thermostat set all the time.   We don’t find out until February what the actual heating bill will be, so hopefully it’s as efficient as they say!

Anyhow, there you go.  Apartment tour 2.5 months after moving in!  Had we not needed to build every. single. piece. of. furniture. upon arrival, I have a feeling we would have tackled painting the starkly white walls.  So if any of you want to come visit with your paint brushes, feel free 🙂


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. these are some of my favorite posts i’ve read in the whole blogsphere for awhile. such a clever idea. i might have to copy you one day. 🙂

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