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Enroute to Skye

Between Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye there was a night in Stirling, a day of driving, and the finding of Chad’s cousin, Mehdi and his wife, Jahan, who were accompanying us to Skye. Stirling itself was relatively unremarkable. While Stirling Castle and the surrounding area was pretty, the town itself was a bit bland … Continue reading

Rivers & Ruins

Somehow we’ve managed to have some lovely, warm (16 deg C!) weekend days in March, which means rather than lazing around all day, we’ve had to kick ourselves out of the house and go explore. It’s a rough life. For the last two weekends, we found ourselves in the bustling metropolis (heavy sarcasm) of Blaubeuren, … Continue reading


Over Christmas, the weather in Europe was just a bit awful, with plenty of snow and plenty of travel messes. Once things calmed down a bit in Southern Germany, we opted to take the New! and Improved! car out for a drive and see what fun there was to be had. While the plan was … Continue reading

Old King Ludwig

For part two of our weekend Autobahn adventure, we headed south on the A8 toward Füssen, home of two of King Ludwig’s infamous castles, Schlöss Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.  Tour books tend to compare visiting the castles to a Disneyland trip, with exploitation of the tourists taken to the extreme however, it’s practically a real version … Continue reading