Well, we’re certainly keeping them in business. The trick will be to keep the place from looking like the catalog.

Due to a minor scheduling snafu (this haus-frau is not so great with calendars, it appears), we ended up moving to our new place before our furniture was scheduled to arrive. Whoops. The plus side was that with so little stuff and living so nearby, we were able to pack and move everything we owned (which isn’t much) is less than three hours. By foot. We earned our beer that night. And thanks to Tom & Steph, we had towels and an air mattress that night.

So, for better or worse, we have nearly everything. In boxes. I’m hoping at some point the Ikea fairy will arrive to piece it all together, but perhaps she’s busy elsewhere. It’s certainly odd buying everything new. Every previous place I’ve lived has been furnished via hand me downs, Craigslist and one or two new things. Sadly, craigslist doesn’t have much of a following over here and unfortunately, we missed the summer flea market circuit which tends to have the best things.

Thus for now, we build. And build. And build. Have I mentioned that German apartments come with nothing? Really and truly nothing? No kitchen, no counters, no shelves, no closets, no light fixtures. The planning has been a bit insane. But the floors are heated, there’s lots of natural light, we have our own patio and the neighbors are fabulous. And with all the good restaurants, who needs a kitchen anyway?