Posted in September 2010

German Sick Days

Normally a sore throat and a headache isn’t much to write home about.  But, today, as I woke up with both, I had a choice to make.  Back home, working for the same company I would have just gone to work.  Sure, I wasn’t feeling great, but I wasn’t seriously ill either.  I would have … Continue reading

Die Waschmaschine

Helpful hint: You may think that the hooks on the back of the machine are to help keep the tubes straight once you’ve plugged in the machine. You’re wrong. Unless you want the *damn* machine to keep trying to vibrate itself through the wall, you’ll remove the hooks. And replace them with the easily lost … Continue reading

A little known festival…

So. Oktoberfest. Does any more need to be said? Perhaps beer + rides + dirndls? Admittedly, I was a little unsure of how much I’d enjoy the (current version) of the wedding celebration between King Ludwig and Princess Therese. With more than six million people over the 18 or so days, and many of those … Continue reading

Settling in.

The house insanity continues. It’s certainly looking more like a real apartment, yet still…showroom-like. If anyone wants to come sort out the curtain situation, let me know. We couldn’t even accomplish curtains back at our old place in Seattle. I’ll provide the bed and the cash, you make all the decisions. Nonetheless, we have a … Continue reading


Well, we’re certainly keeping them in business. The trick will be to keep the place from looking like the catalog. Due to a minor scheduling snafu (this haus-frau is not so great with calendars, it appears), we ended up moving to our new place before our furniture was scheduled to arrive. Whoops. The plus side … Continue reading