Posted in August 2010

der Donau

Time for a bit of geography. The Donau River flows between the cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm (New Ulm) and makes up part of the border between the states of Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Bayern (Bavaria). In English (and French) the Donau is known as the Danube, something which confused Chad & I initially and is a … Continue reading

Now that we’ve been here a grand total of two weeks, everything has started to feel a bit familiar. I know where most of the useful stores are, from the grocery (both normal AND organic!) to the household goods and last week, even a South American shop that sells tortillas. It’s nice to feel more … Continue reading

Samstag und Sonntag

I wouldn’t exactly say we made the most of our first settled weekend in Ulm…instead I think we used the excuse of “jet lag” to sleep in far too long and accomplish awfully little. But a lazy weekend is definitely good, once in a while! Saturday (Samstag) we drug ourselves out of bed in time … Continue reading

Wohnung news…

Without managing to jinx ourselves, we have most likely found an apartment. (Hooray!) Thus, tonight was spent translating three of the seven pages of our lease. Not sure where we’d be without google translate and a couple cool firefox addons. So while I know the parents, at least, would love a long blog post full … Continue reading


It takes thirty minutes to wash a load at home. Load, agitate, drain, rinse, spin, done. With standard German efficiency, and space and resources at a premium, how long would you expect a load to take in Deutschland? Did you guess an hour? Wrong. How about an hour plus half? Nope. Try one hour and … Continue reading