Posted in January 2011

Expanding the vocabulary

Verb for Monday: googeln Don’t think it rolls of the tongue quite as easily as “google” but it’s not too bad. As I’m still fighting the vicious German cold and also had to attend class today, this post is as good as it gets. Still plugging along on the job hunt. Were I to have … Continue reading

French cars are the best cars

The Frankfurt airport is roughly three hours from Ulm and reachable by planes, trains and automobiles. Trains are great, but I think Murphy nearly guarantees purchasing train tickets to coincide with airplane arrivals equals delayed or canceled flights. Thus for the arrival of Die Eltern, I opted to procure a rental car and fetch the … Continue reading

Laundry day?

Assumed that the cherry-picker lift we maneuvered around on our way to the market this morning was charged with removing the lovely icicle lights, now that Christmas is officially over here. Was surprised to see the workers hanging colorful fabric garlands instead. I was confused by the colorful hanging bits until our friend, Steph pointed … Continue reading

Auf Wiedersehen 2010

Before we get too deeply embedded in 2011 (and before I tackle the piles of Christmas photos) I took some inspiration from a lovely friend and sorted through my photos for a bit of a year in review. Unfortunately, my photos happen to be on three (or more?) different hard drives right now so it’s … Continue reading