Settling in.

The house insanity continues. It’s certainly looking more like a real apartment, yet still…showroom-like. If anyone wants to come sort out the curtain situation, let me know. We couldn’t even accomplish curtains back at our old place in Seattle. I’ll provide the bed and the cash, you make all the decisions.

Nonetheless, we have a functioning kitchen! Including a sink I plumbed with Ikea parts (yipes) and a working oven. Seeing as it’s been over two months since we’ve had a full kitchen of our own, I was a wee bit excited to get back to some cooking. Which *might* have begun with a two hour shopping trip at the grocery megastore (so many aisles! so much possibility!). Sadly, my selection was limited to two canvas bags, as I was bussing it back home.

So what was on the menu for this momentous occasion? Some wurst and kraut? Or pretzels? Or schnitzel?


We had burritos. Delicious burritos with ground beef, spicy homemade salsa, black beans and bell peppers. And even some pretty good tortilla chips. And until Nathan sorts out how to deliver some slow roasted brisket or fresh nachos to us, this will have to be as good as it gets. But it wasn’t too shabby of a start…

(Had I taken at least one passable picture, it would be here. But I didn’t. So consider this an exercise in Mexican food mental imagery.)

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