From Paris to Berlin

Having made it through the weekend (and given the busy days and the bits of jetlag, that simply meant staying up until midnight), we continued on the standard Paris itinerary of eating far too many pastries, sampling plenty of wine and even visiting a museum or two. My first trip to Paris we ran out … Continue reading

February in Paris

We began our adventure in Paris, each of us trickling in one by one. Me, midday Friday, with the French TGV from Ulm to Gar d’Est, on a fast but not particularly well-kept train. Cassie two hours later with the Eurostar from London to Gar d’Nord, a difference in stations I didn’t realize until after … Continue reading

2011. Still recapping.

I suppose this wouldn’t be necessary if this site was actually kept mildly up to date. Nevertheless: July: Celebrated Schw├Ârmontag in Ulm, a yearly festival that will someday be recapped here but consisting of a parade of inflatable rafts on the Danube, a concert on the M├╝nsterplatz (Last year was Jamaraquoi, this year will be … Continue reading

2011. Belatedly.

I’ll just go ahead and subscribe to the “better late than never” mindset for this post. Mostly I just want to keep track of last year for my own benefit, without going through the hundreds of photos stored on the hard drive. I suppose that will be a project for…someday. Nonetheless, a few scattered thoughts … Continue reading

Vacation Research

Challenge: Attempt to appreciate Scotch Purpose: An upcoming holiday in Scotland Method: A ski weekend in Austria and a bottle of Laphroaig 10 Year Single Malt Hypothesis: A highly challenging experiment with high likelihood of failure Results: To be determined Sunday evening