Over a period of six days or so we were able to explore the two largest islands in the Inner Hebrides: the Isle of Skye and the Isle of Mull. Both were indescribably beautiful, wild and dramatic, with rocky coastlines and clear blue water. Not to mention the piles of fresh seafood and friendly locals. And for travelers with a bit more time, both provide good jumping-off points for further outer-island exploration.

We spent our first two nights on Skye, in the town of Portree and kicked off our stay with a celebratory seafood dinner. By the next morning we were surprisingly hungry again and thus began the day with a fantastic breakfast of smoked salmon, eggs and fresh fruit at our B&B. We knew that two days wouldn’t be nearly enough time to explore the entire island, so we decided to start by driving around the Trotternish Peninsula.

In almost exactly 60 miles here is what we happened to see: Mist covered rock formations, unbelievably shear coastal cliffs, inky blue sparkling ocean, ancient fossils embedded in stone, the ruins of an old castle, rocky coastline edged by impossibly green grass, and what we believe was a dinosaur footprint.

Oh. And don’t forget the rainbow.


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