Enroute to Skye

Between Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye there was a night in Stirling, a day of driving, and the finding of Chad’s cousin, Mehdi and his wife, Jahan, who were accompanying us to Skye. Stirling itself was relatively unremarkable. While Stirling Castle and the surrounding area was pretty, the town itself was a bit bland after our time in Edinburgh.

Since we chose the town for the castle and as a convenient meeting point, we weren’t too disappointed. I just wouldn’t go booking a two week stay there.

The castle however, has some interesting history, and was the site of numerous battles between Scotland and England. Parts of it are original, parts were used as military barracks and have since been restored and parts were added later for protection. It wasn’t my favorite castle of the trip, but it was a nice place to enjoy a surprisingly sunny day. Maybe most telling is that when looking back through my photos, I took only one photo of the castle and a pile more of the surrounding cemeteries. I guess that would be my glowing recommendation?

Anyhow. On to Skye. It was an eventful trip. There were waterfalls, shortbread (delicious) and tablet (decidedly not delicious). Mountains, soccer, a castle and fish and chips. Not to mention a fair bit of rain and a lot of good conversation. And surprisingly enough, we even arrived as scheduled to Skye, just in time to celebrate Chad’s birthday with a pile of seafood.


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