From Paris to Berlin

Having made it through the weekend (and given the busy days and the bits of jetlag, that simply meant staying up until midnight), we continued on the standard Paris itinerary of eating far too many pastries, sampling plenty of wine and even visiting a museum or two.

My first trip to Paris we ran out of time to see Pompidou but this time around, despite Cassie’s and my best efforts, Lydia drug us in.

While Orsay is still my favorite museum in Paris, Pompidou would likely be a close second. Plus it has interesting modern art that provides a nice balance to all the more serious pieces. Who wouldn’t love a giant mushroom in their living room?

(Or a respected piece of art from Pompidou)

Quickly enough, the Paris portion came to an end and it was time for the next adventure…an overnight train to Berlin.

What seemed to be a great idea at the time (travel during the night! save money on lodging! what a novel “European” experience!) seemed to instead reflect questionable judgement upon arrival to our “cabin.”

Despite it only being 8pm, all the bunks had been pulled out and readied for bed, leaving space either for one of us to stand, or two of us to store our bags. Conveniently, Deutsche Bahn also provided a tiny ladder for getting to the other two bunks and storing a backpack or two in the tiny compartments up above. However, they may not have considered that there wasn’t quite enough room to actually carry the bags up the ladder.

(Perfect place for a photo showing overall tiny-ness of the cabin. Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t focus at such small distances.)

The best part of this real-life Tetris game? Watching the other passengers try to sort out their spatial issues. Seeing as everyone seemed quite surprised at their questionably unspacious cabins, I am firmly convinced that no one travels on an overnight train more than once.

Ah Deutsche Bahn. Crushing the romantic hopes and dreams of misguided Americans for years.

(Bonus song and Tron reference here: From Paris to Berlin)

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