Cars, racetracks and leopard print

On Sunday, we all took a break from the lederhosen and dirndls in preparation for an Oktoberfest visit the following day. However, the boys didn’t get much in the line of rest because at 6am they were headed out the door and on their way to the Nurburgring (not to be confused with the city of Nuremburg/Nuernburg). Or in other words, they were visiting a racetrack.

The Nurburgring is a Grand Prix race track dating back to the 1920’s and is still used today for racing, industry and drivers looking for a bit of fun. When the Autobahns prove not to be enough thrills, whether due to speed, constant construction irritation or the ever-present traffic, drivers can take their own automobiles on the track and give racing a shot.

The downside is, your car insurance tends to be void during track time. And when you’re talking a whole track full of fast cars (and drivers that are likely not professional racers), this can be problematic.

Solution? A “taxi” service. There appear to be several options available, but on this Sunday morning the boys had a ticket for the BMW Driving Experience: A lap on the track with an M3 Sedan and a professional driver. In other words, a better car, a faster drive and no questionable insurance claims.

While I wasn’t there, the boys did say the driver was excellent and was willing to push the car as much as they wanted. What a rough job. And considering Chad came home wanting to go again, I think it was a success.

With the track being open to the general public, the ring is also a pretty good place to spectate both cars and people. I will forever be disappointed that this photo isn’t better quality…

There’s also the option to sit along the track and watch far too much money drive by.

Split three ways, the cost isn’t insane, assuming you don’t think of it in terms of Euros/minute. And it’s certainly cheaper than buying the boy his dream car and extra insurance…


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