More Cowbell

A few weeks ago, we had a couple of visitors. They were here for Oktoberfest, German food and possibly, to see us as well.

Within three hours of landing, we’d found them Lederhosen. In less than 18 hours, we were all in our finest Southern German attire and were headed south. Oktoberfest may have been taking over Munich, but we had cows to see. We had to welcome them home.

The Hausfrau might have been a bit excited.

But so was Brad. (Although perhaps not the fellow behind him.)

Given that all the cows wear immense bells around their necks, the noise was incredible. And pretty much awesome.

[Video here, which I couldn’t sort out how to embed from flickr. Sigh.]

In addition to the lovely cows (with the beautiful eyelashes), there was beer to drink, pretzels to eat and a dancing three legged *Fraulein* to watch.

Fun was most certainly had by all. Hopefully including the cows.

(The Viehscheid or Almabtrieb is the annual celebration of the cows being led down from the Allgäu, where they’ve spent the summer grazing. They’re cleaned up, adorned with flowers and led through town. We visited the festival in Obermaiselstein, which claims to have 1400 cows come through the parade. The weather was perfect, the people friendly and the day, excellent.)

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