Even though traveling to Croatia had previously never crossed our minds, cheap plane tickets and a four day Easter weekend (turned into a week-long holiday) found us there, anyway. For the first time, we had planned nothing beforehand. No hotel, no itinerary, and only a vague idea of how to get from the airport to Split. And yet after a half hour of wandering with a man trying to rent us his apartment, and getting lost several times inside the city walls, we found a room looking out on this:

With such an awesome location, it didn’t take us long to drop our bags and head back out into the warm sun and the sparkling Adriatic to begin exploring.

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the old city center and main tourist area is fairly small and quite lovely. The entire boardwalk is lined with palm trees and cafes, filled with cruise travelers, spring breakers and the local old men that pull the tables together and talk all morning. And to someone for whom people watching is only second to eating on a vacation, it was pretty much perfect.

Since I’m still too shy to photograph random strangers, Chad gets stuck being the main subject, although our meals weren’t far behind.

Of course, when I say cheap airfares were the main reason we picked Croatia, I’d be omitting a bit of the truth. We most certainly did some googling for typical Croatian fare, as after months of winter vegetables and no fish, we weren’t going anywhere without seafood.

I think we did ok.

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