It’s called weiß Spargel.

It’s almost spring here. There are flowers. Flowers that looked a little worse for wear after the temperature dropped last night. But there are still flowers.

The real story however, is asparagus. Pale, overly fat, creepy looking white asparagus. The people here go total nutballs for it. But if you’re paying $8 per pound for the stuff (12.80 Eur/kg) I guess you’d better really love it. Even the little bundles of normal green asparagus were selling for $8 per bunch. (Am I confused? I’m pretty sure $8 for 25 pieces of normal green asparagus is a lot. Isn’t it? Also, I failed to get a close-up picture of the white asparagus. But you can see a few pieces in the lower-left corner.)

Even the odds & ends baskets, where you could fill your own bag of broken, white, ugly looking, messed up asapragus bottoms, were being completely decimated. It was very much insane. As this was the first week of asparagus in the markets, I’m curious if this was just early-season craziness or if it will last. Of course, when all you’ve seen is broccoli, cabbage, beets and carrots for the last four months, I guess anything at all would be an improvement. Even pale, phallic-y vegetables…


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