More Christmas in February

Now that I’ve finally (nearly) conquered the crazy German cold that’s been keeping me extremely lazy, I suppose it’s onward and upward.

Once the parents and their respective (quite heavy) suitcases were located and settled into the demon car, it was time for the return trip. Luckily, it was now daylight with beautifully clear skies and unfortunately, plenty of messy spray on the roadway. With these conditions, die Eltern were treated to a relatively picturesque view from Frankfurt to Ulm. As a bonus, they also became familiar with nearly every rest stop and gas station over the 200+ kilometer trip, thanks to the still defective windshield wipers & wiper spray. Every 20 minutes or so we were forced to pull over and wash down the windshield. It got to the point where messy road spray was easier to see through than the mess the wipers were making. As one can imagine, it was a relaxing trip for all.

Nonetheless, we did finally make it to Ulm, unloaded the car and settled everyone in. As they sorted out their suitcases and whatnot, I made a quick stop at Avis to exchange our terrible piece of engineering for something mildly more reliable. Once the lovely front desk man finally believed that not only did I understand how to run the wipers, but that they actually weren’t working, they set me up with a nearly identical Peugot, complete with a heads up display and also, “New! No scratches!” Super.

Anyway. I returned home to an epic Christmas-like spread on the table containing everything from a new German verb book to Wheat Thins. The Holiday had come early in our household and it only required my parents flying nine hours with some very heavy suitcases. I eventually pulled myself away from the goodies (A book with all the verb conjugations? Best thing ever.) and we set off to find some winter headwear for both der Vater und die Mutter. Sadly, I’d forgotten that Germany, much like America, sells clothing far ahead of the season and thus, most of the winter apparel was sold out in favor of the much more appropriate spring dresses and winter-break bikinis. Eventually though, we were successful:

Our last bit of sunlight included a picturesquely snowy walk along the river to admire the city from the snow covered & slippery walking paths and a walk to the Italian deli to start off their German vacation with some traditionally appropriate Italian salads. I think had some local German bread as accompaniment though, so we didn’t totally betray the country…


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