Laundry day?

Assumed that the cherry-picker lift we maneuvered around on our way to the market this morning was charged with removing the lovely icicle lights, now that Christmas is officially over here. Was surprised to see the workers hanging colorful fabric garlands instead.

I was confused by the colorful hanging bits until our friend, Steph pointed out that Carnival has started. I’m not sure if there will be more to the Ulm Carnival celebrations or if this is it. Either way, the sunny day combined with the colorful fabric blowing in the wind made the Saturday market trip seem much more springlike, even if it was dark by 4:30…

And in googling around for more information about Carnival in Germany, found that Cologne (Köln in German) has a pretty good party going on just before Lent (check out the “Press Photos” link for images). Looks like we’ve got something planned for Rose Monday on March 7th!

One thought on “Laundry day?

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