Auf Wiedersehen 2010

Before we get too deeply embedded in 2011 (and before I tackle the piles of Christmas photos) I took some inspiration from a lovely friend and sorted through my photos for a bit of a year in review. Unfortunately, my photos happen to be on three (or more?) different hard drives right now so it’s likely I missed some good options…looks like I already have photo consolidation goal for 2011…

January: As much skiing as we could fit in, including Friday night racing. I don’t remember the snow being all that exceptional…in fact I think I remember quite a few rainy Friday nights. Nonetheless, we were skiing. Chad sent off his application to the German job posting and we ended the month at the lovely Whitman Hospital & Medical Center Foundation dinner drinking far too much wine and buying things we didn’t really need (all part of the fun!).

February: The rainy winter darkness of Seattle continued with the opening of a good friend’s fabulous restaurant, more soggy skiing, a fun but quick parental visit and somewhere in here (I think?!) some Assareh-Vafaei engagement news!

March: Pretty much consumed by planning, packing, traveling to and enjoying Iran with Chad’s family. Tehran-Ahwaz-Dezful-Isfahan and back. An incredible trip which I hope to actually write about this year.

April: Re-acclimating to the Western world, starting with a delicious brother-made pie waiting in our oven. Chad’s birthday, although we were too exhausted to celebrate and a parental visit just to ensure we’d actually made it back to the country. Chad had also received the job offer from Germany (while in Iran) and we decided to tell our families on the off chance it actually worked out. Immediately after coming back from Iran. Impeccable timing, as usual.

May: Two fabulous weekend trips (no lazy Saturdays for us!)…one at my cousins’ cabin on Hood Canal with them & the family, digging for clams, eating plenty of oysters and roughhousing with their fun little boys. The second, at Hood River with my lovely ladies and far too much wine tasting for one day. Both weekends blessed with unseasonably warm & sunny weather, making up for our lack of summer later.

June: Wedding excitement! Gained a sister-in-law, enjoyed a fabulous day at a sunny castle, ate piles of delicious Persian food and managed to destroy Chad’s cell. Also celebrated two years of wedded fun at the tasty Pink Door and partied with my ladies in Chicago!

July: Jammed in as much friend time as possible, including the hike from HELL. (The company was fabulous, the lack of water and resulting heat stroke were maybe not highlights. Possibly.) Continued selling EVERYTHING, except of course, the large & expensive items (car, tv & couch). Began panicking a bit about owning a car from the other side of the ocean. Managed to sell all the fancy stuff in one crazy weekend. Moved out of our house and into Chad’s parents’ along with the rest of our belongings. Embraced with open arms a clean house, full fridge and home cooked meals from a super mother-in-law 🙂

August: A too-short trip home with peach-picking, harvest-going and parent-hugging. A fun & busy going away party. Some frantic packing and stuffing and organizing. A plane trip and the start of our German adventure. So a pretty low-key month, overall.

September: Search for an apartment. Tour multiple apartments. Sign lease. Move in a day early due to my scheduling mishap. Spend too many hours at Ikea. Build build build. Keep building. Thought you were done? Ha. Return bed & mattress to Ikea in the rented Audi wagon. Purchase another and strap to the roof. Enjoy some actual warm, sunny days. Start German lessons and watch as the brain completely revolts against learning anything new, especially a foreign language.

October: Feel like we’re settling in a bit. Enjoy Oktoberfest and the Stuttgart Volksfest both for the drinking and for the crazy singing. Also check out the massive cuckoo clocks and the highly touted Black Forrest Cake. (Kind of meh on both accounts, in my opinion). Start to feel like I’m maybe not sinking quite so quickly into the German language abyss, although not really clawing my way out just yet, either.

November: Cold & snow & skiing. Visits to the Alps and our own Thanksgiving effort for our German friends. Most likely other things. Probably. A huge pre-Thanksgiving push to install all light fixtures before the dinner party. Successful, although we still had no artwork up.

December: Family is coming! Family is coming! Clean clean clean! Print out photos! Spend a full day cursing at the picture frame layout. Lug the last, lonely tree home from the store. Try to care about German classes just a bit. Completely fail. Go adventuring with the family and have a fabulous time.

Overall, a crazy/busy/superb year. Getting back to reality has been a little rough, but I have a feeling this year will probably be pretty good as well. After the holiday officially ends (Germany celebrates Epiphany on Jan 6, so most schools don’t even start back up until the 10th) it’ll be back to the normal school, job hunt and travel planning, which means we’ve only got a few more days to be exceptionally lazy…


One thought on “Auf Wiedersehen 2010

  1. you’ve had such a full year! i hope to be able to be a part of your 2011. seeing you would be pretty wonderful. happy new year!! xo!

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