In theory, we finished decorating our apartment tonight. Light fixtures, picture frames, everything is here. Unfortunately, every single light fixture is still in the box, so I’m still not posting apartment photos (sorry Susan!). Thanks to our landlord generously loaning us his car, we completed an epic tour of the city home improvement stores and agreed on nearly (but not quite all) light fixtures. We also made a third attempt at a backsplash solution, as right now it’s just bare wall behind the stove and sink. Bare, white wall, just waiting for a potful of tomato sauce to tip over.

Needless to say, we did a good job bolstering the German economy tonight, while returning to Ikea for the first time in over a month. It was a bittersweet homecoming.

We’re also currently the proud owners of a 5kg and 3kg turkey (17.5lbs), both of which fit in the midget freezer, which I suppose mean they’ll fit in our EasyBake oven. Plan is to have our own little Thanksgiving a week from Sunday. Should be an interesting project.

And in other excitement, the German classes continue, and my mind melts (schmilzt) a little more with every day. New teacher this week. She’s excellent, but intense, and definitely works us hard. Combined with the cold I’ve been fighting all week, and I certainly feel like I’m setting the class curve low. Hopefully next week will improve.

So tomorrow. First foray into German light installation. Can’t be too tricky, right?

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