So yes. Still alive. Still enjoying Germany. Just a bit fried by the end of the day. Turns out when my brain can’t handle any more German, it doesn’t really want to write in English either. But we’re still trucking right along with class and work and normal social interactions. The German continues to improve (I think) but the pace of the class has certainly picked up. I’m now able to describe my life in current and past tense. I assume at some point I’ll get to think about the future.

In the meantime, my English continues to deteriorate. I assume my brain can only handle one language at a time, which is unfortunate for my friends and family that don’t know German. (You’d better get studying!)

In other news, this year we missed the excitement that is Halloween in America. While it seems to be gaining speed in Germany, it’s still more on the trick or treating level and less for the costumed adults heading to bars. Instead, we took advantage of the November 1st holiday (All Saints Day) and headed to the Alps with friends. I think it was a good alternative.

The cabin is most definitely charming. Cozy and secluded, with a wood burning stove and lovely company. Plus the Alps! Just outside the door! In Winter, the crew is able to get to the lift with minimal walking and skiing required. Basically, the location is fantastic. Mid Autumn though, we had to settle for a dry run of the slopes we hope to later see with snow. I can’t say the hike was all that hard, but I’d guess it’s more fun on skis.

In the evenings we cooked dinner and played German board games. I think Chad and I did a better job making the fajitas than we did with the games. Those Germans were at a distinct advantage, although we did do better at “Trivial Pursuit, 80’s TV addition” (barely). With skiing in the winter and an utterly cliche landscape in the summer, it’s certainly easy to enjoy Kirchberg. We’re talking about a place where the cows actually come home (from up high in the mountains) at the end of the season. There are bells and parties and everything.

This weekend, we head back to the mountains to test out our ski skills at Hintertux Glacier. Perhaps if I mention it now, it won’t take me two weeks to write about it later. Until then, you’ll just be stuck looking at us…

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