The Muenster

Towering over the city is (I believe), Ulm’s main claim to fame. The Ulm Muenster (aka Minster, aka church) provides a great backdrop and helpful navigational tool for the city (disoriented? Find the church and you’re set) and is the “tallest church in the world.” I’m not entirely sure what the word ‘church’ encompasses as I’m guessing it does not include synagogues or mosques or cathedrals however, it is an impressive structure. And for four Euro, you can climb to the top.

The 768-step battle to the top includes spiraling stairways with climbers headed in both directions, obnoxious teenagers, oblivious tourists, gargoyles, key-hole city views and a top balcony so narrow you have to go around single-file.

Should your fellow companions decide to linger at the top for a while, making-out or taking in the view, you and everyone else will be stuck. It’s definitely a place that could use a few signs. But if you can get past that and manage to choose a clear day, the view isn’t too shabby and I’m guessing during the Golden hour, it would be awesome. Just make sure you make it down before they lock the door. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be too tricky to get stuck up there overnight…

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