Now that we’ve been here a grand total of two weeks, everything has started to feel a bit familiar. I know where most of the useful stores are, from the grocery (both normal AND organic!) to the household goods and last week, even a South American shop that sells tortillas. It’s nice to feel more comfortable in town, although the downside is, the camera gets left home more often. My goal is to try and snap more pictures of the city for everyone back home, assuming the rain lets up sometime before the new year.

As for routine, the one true habit we have fallen into is the Saturday/Wednesday market. Personally, I prefer mid-mornings on Wednesday (a luxury that will no longer exist once I find a job), as the crowds are minimal and the selection less picked through. Assuming we make the five minute walk before 11am on Saturday though, the weekend market can be just as good.

It’s obvious that summer is winding down here as aside from the rain and clouds, the offerings have transitioned from peaches and melons to toddler-sized cabbages and small pumpkins. I think autumn will be lovely here, but it is a bit disappointing that we never saw much summer weather in either Seattle or Ulm. Perhaps we’ll just have to sacrifice a bit this winter and escape somewhere warm for a few days…


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