Samstag und Sonntag

I wouldn’t exactly say we made the most of our first settled weekend in Ulm…instead I think we used the excuse of “jet lag” to sleep in far too long and accomplish awfully little. But a lazy weekend is definitely good, once in a while! Saturday (Samstag) we drug ourselves out of bed in time to procure a few nectarines and some bread and cheese from the market (The cheese was a failure in my opinion. We ended up with Swiss. Good motivation to learn the names!). With the crazy Saturday rush, it’s hard to get much accomplished (especially with our slow, unsure German) but luckily, the market appears on Wednesdays as well, so we’re able to do most of our shopping there.

Post market, Chad suggested we check out the Museum der Brot Kultur (Bread Museum). Seeing as their sign shows a fat baker with a pretzel, I was all sorts of excited to learn the history of German breads. Perhaps we should have read the description first, for while things started out lighthearted, what with our Children’s English Audio guides directing us about the bakery and the bran puker, the subject matter quickly turned dark.

What followed was a pictorial explanation, via political cartoons and other art, of the sad history of both the wars, and how it affected the civilians within. Overall, the exhibits were interesting and educational, although not perhaps the lighthearted Saturday activity we were looking for.

Sonntag (Sunday), Chad and I went for a “short” walk per my suggestion up to the Wilhelmsburg Fort at the top of Ulm. After a forty-five minute uphill climb, we were treated to a nearly empty site, and some sweet views of the city.

We also clambered up an open spiral tower which, judging from the short railing and the long drop down, would have been far too liable to allow in the US. Unfortunately, most of the fort was closed off and is only available on certain weekends & hours so hopefully we’ll make it back to explore the inside (perhaps this time we’ll take water with us!).


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