It takes thirty minutes to wash a load at home. Load, agitate, drain, rinse, spin, done. With standard German efficiency, and space and resources at a premium, how long would you expect a load to take in Deutschland? Did you guess an hour? Wrong. How about an hour plus half? Nope. Try one hour and forty-five minutes. Truly. What could possibly be going on in that washing machine? Is it just exceptionally lazy? It seems to give the clothes a half-hearted spin in one direction, pause, and then reverse to flop things back the other way. I could hand wash my socks and underwear more quickly than that. However, in case you wanted your clothes cooked, the water temperature can be adjusted up to 95 deg C (water boils at 100 deg C in case you forgot your Chemistry). And Chad thought I shrunk his clothes back home…pretty soon everything will be miniature!

As for the rest of the settings…I parsed out “wool”, “prewash”, “mixed wash” and my favorite google translation from the detergent, “obstinate stains pretreat please”. Until I sort it all out, it appears our clothing will be receiving a two hour spa treatment followed by a breezy line dry every time a wash is needed. Sounds better than my shower.

In other news…looks like we’re set for at least a year! Visas finished up yesterday, followed by the city registration and the tax card. Thus, Chad ended his vacation last night as was off to work this morning. My job is to babysit the Waschmachine and field calls about apartments. We have two to see today and one tomorrow. Here’s hoping something pans out!


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