Check, check, check

And so the weekend ended much as it began…beers outside with Tom & Stef (and friends). Average German drinks a half liter a day so as long as we stay below that, I don’t think we have a problem 🙂 With the crappy, cool weather we’ve been having, it’s become obvious that Germans have a much lower cold tolerance than we do. Anything below 65 and the wool coats, leggings and hats come out. I always thought I was a weenie when it came to temperature, but it looks like I’ll fit in nicely here. Plus all the outdoor cafes have fleece blankets available to throw over your lap, so staying warm late into the evening is much easier.

Today was certainly a bit busier than the weekend…we actually got a few steps closer to becoming legitimate citizens (and perhaps someday Chad will actually be able to start work?). With Tom’s help, we hurried on over to the bank to open an account and came home with 45 pages of bank information in Deutsch and an actual account (with a balance of $0). At the same time, our visa rep was at the government office registering us with the city and trying to get the visas and tax ID moving along. We came out with the registration and a promise that we could pick up the visas tomorrow, but not before having to sit through a very loud, possibly unbalanced man nearly shout at the office staff in a hybrid English/Deutsch mix over his papers. Good to know the crazies aren’t just confined to the US, although he nearly sounded American…

Following that we got to have doctors appointments for our health insurance. And considering our only knowledge of the German medical system was based on movie portrayals of masochistic German doctors, we were a bit intimidated. I think, perhaps, that Bavaria is completely unlike the rest of Germany, in that the entire clinic was super friendly and the blood draw was practically painless. He seemed to be happy with our results, so hopefully we passed. Definitely nice to check a few things off the list though.

We’re certainly feeling a bit more at home here, and perhaps our German is even getting a little better. The challenge now is after asking a question in German, understanding what in the world they’re saying back. “I have an appointment with the doctor” seems all fine and good until they reply in a string of German that doesn’t include numbers, greetings, or my name (my only fluent subjects). I suppose we’ll get there, but it would be much easier if fluency happened in a week…


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