Our first full day in Ulm included plenty of errands and lots of walking in very familiar overcast August weather (it’s like we’re back in Seattle!).  We even managed to learn and use a bit of Deutsch, or maybe Deutsch-lish would be a better description.  At this point, I think we just get credit for giving it a shot…

Saturdays in Ulm include a giant outdoor market in front of Ulm Muenster, with lots of fruit and vegetable stands, cheese booths, baked goods and plenty of tempting wurst sellers.  With our ultra basic German (Ich hatte gern ein…aka I would like a…) and a quick intro to numbers above 100 as everything is sold in multiples of 100 grams we managed to come home with some local fruits &  veggies, some fantastic (unnamed) cheese, breads, braun (brown.  If I’m learning German, everyone else is too) eggs and split pretzels spread with butter (delicious as it sounds).
Market haul
Post-market included more passport photos for the Monday morning visa appointment, pre-paid card for the cell and a walk to the most famous furniture store in Europe…Ikea.  And the maze was just as long and confusing as in the US although we were able to pick up a few essentials (power cords and hangers!) and do a little research on kitchen costs in case our apartment doesn’t come with one (typically the renter buys the kitchen in Germany and takes it with them when they leave.  All the landlord provides is hookups.  No counters.  No cabinets.  No sink.)  The city is full of walk and bike paths and even some old looking castle-like ruins along the way.  And rather than tearing them down, it appears the highway was just built right over the top.
Old bits under the freeway
Overall, a good day, although Chad was disappointed by the lack of beer in our Saturday.  I have a feeling that the fifteen pages of German language medical forms we have to fill out tomorrow before our Monday appointment will include at least a beer or two.  Maybe we can hop on a bier bike while we work on them…
The Bier Bike


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