Here we go!

And so it begins!  We arrived in Ulm around 1700 today (must get used to the whole military time) after a three hour drive from Frankfurt.  Flights were great, Iceland air was solid, and the drive from Frankfurt was long.  Chad’s coworker, Tom, generously fetched us from the airport and we managed to cram everything we owned into his sweet Audi wagon.  Nine bags total, including two sets of ski gear.  Not too shabby.

Our one month rental is a 40 sq meter, third story walk-up with gorgeous exposed beams and an awesome location.  The stairs were less fun when moving all our treasures up, but hopefully we won’t have to shift our belongings too many times.

And just down the street?  Ulm Muenster.  Highest church in the world, with a large open plaza in front and plenty of shopping surrounding.  A pretty excellent location to acclimate ourselves with the city…tomorrow we’ll hit up the Saturday market and hopefully track down some cell phone service.  Tonight we basically dumped our things and had our first authentic beer and food with Tom and girlfriend Stef–they have been pretty kickass in helping us get acclimated plus they both ski/snowboard!

Am going to upload pics to flickr for now ( until I can whip our internet and wordpress into shape.

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